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PERSONAL POST | 12 Types of Toxic Social Media Friends I'm Cutting Off TODAY!


You all know the type: she lives and breathes drama, and if there isn't any being passed around, you can bet she will sneakily stir some up. Or even create some from scratch. She can be 'productive' like that.


At any disagreement, or any sign of social turmoil, she's there clapping her fins and barking like a seal for some fish. She finds drama so entertaining, primarily because her own life is so dull. But also partly because she's just a bad egg.






She thinks she's been hard done by, and maybe she was at some point, but the reason she's so hard done by now is because she's not doing anything to actively improve her situation. She's far too busy wallowing in her self-pity and drip feeding on the wee bit of attention she can get in the process.


I have zero sympathy for people who whine and complain, but don't do anything to learn, grow, or change. It's just weakness and laziness. 

No one is coming to save you, you have to handle this yourself! We all have rough days, rough weeks, even rough years, but you have to pick yourself up and carry on. You also have to fight for what you want, there are no hand-outs. 


Quit whining, get grinding!


Having leadership skills is great, but when it comes to friendly situations, it's best to have a bit of give and take.

The Boss doesn't care about this, she wants to be in charge, she wants to boss everyone else around, she wants to make all of the decisions, and she wants to be in complete control. All of the time.

The problem with having a friend like this is that it can all too often feel like you don't even have a voice, or that you are talking to a brick wall. In other words it can be both frustrating and soul-crushing all at the same time. 


No adult wants to feel controlled in what should be a casual and friendly situation. Most people get controlled enough at work.


This one is fairly self-explanatory; she's the friend we all have, the one that has a hard time telling the truth.

Sometimes she lies to make herself look good or look better, sometimes it's to make others look bad. Strangely, she never usually lies the other way around; to make herself look bad and others look good.

In short, you can't ever ask her for an honest opinion, or an honest take on a situation, because you'll just never get it. 


I don't think there's much use in a friend that you can't trust like that.

#5 - THE ME-ME

Everything is about her. It doesn't matter what or who you are talking about, it will somehow rotate back around into being about her again. And it goes on.

She'll happily chat for hours when it's about her royal highness, but when it comes to talking about you or someone else, she'll either spin it around, or makes excuses and leave. It's like she is incapable of caring about anyone or anything but herself.

Some friend she is..


She's on your friends list, but she's not your friend. She may even be a full-blown enemy, but she hangs around because she just has to know what you are doing in life. She is also probably gathering 'evidence' and ammo for future use.

People like this have absolutely no place on your friends list at all. It may be tempting to let them be nosy, and to show that you are in fact happy and doing well, but false relationships never end well. And you may be the one who comes off worse..


She's always busy. Busy busy busy. Far too busy to reply to messages, or message you first just to ask how you are doing.

The funny thing is, she always seems to have time to post a chain-mail status update, or reply to comments from certain people in particular.

Don't even waste any more of your time; if she can't appreciate your presence, make her tolerate your absence instead. If she can make time to tag a mate in a meme, she can make time to ask you how you are. She just doesn't care. Harsh, but true.


Is there anything as ugly as someone riddled with jealousy? I don't think so, which is why nowadays I try to avoid any and all feelings of jealousy whatsoever. Life is too short, and jealousy is far too self-destructive.

Unfortunately, a lot of people still haven't realised that, and being jealous is disgustingly common. It can come from anyone too; friends, best friends, or even family.

The green jellybean won't ever be happy for your successes or accomplishments; she'll belittle them, try to belittle you, or just outright ignore the situation altogether.

Don't hang around with a green bean for too long, not only are they actively destroying themselves, but they will start to destroy you in the process; sometimes unknowingly, sometimes knowingly.


Make no jokes about it, some friends can turn into real bullies. Some of them have been since day one. It usually stems from weakness, insecurity, and jealousy.

You'll know when you're dealing with a bully because they'll actively try to make you feel like crap on a regular basis. It can happen at any time, but is usually triggered when you have a success or joyous moment.

A recent one for me was my son's birthday, which led to a lot of happiness, photos, and likes on my profile. This was too much for one girl, who took the opportunity to try and tear me down by posting an exact same post I had made a few days earlier, but complete with a b*tchy comment that belittled me, and somehow managed to drag the kids into the equation too. Yup, she stooped that low.


Truth is, she'd crossed a line a couple of times, and had always reeked of hate, bitterness, and jealousy, but I had let her stay to give her another chance. Her chances ran out. 

She is now BLOCKED, and good riddance!



In stark contrast to the people who act up when you're happy, and revel in your misery, some friends can be the complete opposite. Some friends will be more than happy to keep you company when things are going great and it's all rainbows, but as soon as a storm hits, she runs a mile.


Funny thing is, she expects everyone to be there for her when the storm hits her life.


If a friend can't be there to listen, support, or help you when you need it, she isn't a friend at all.




#11 - THE 'JOKER'


She is always cracking a joke, but strangely it's often at someone else's expense. She may try to put up a smokescreen of 'humour' and 'comedy' but don't be fooled. She is knowingly attacking and belittling you and others to make herself feel better because she is painfully insecure.


Don't accept it, don't condone it, don't keep it company. Delete, delete, delete.





I really do think that gossip is an addiction for some, and they have absolutely zero control on the situation. Many of them don't even want to cure their addiction, they get far too much of a kick from it.

The harsh and bitter truth here is if she's gossiping TO you, she's probably gossiping ABOUT you. Do you really want or need a friend who gossips about you behind your back? I doubt it.

The majority of gossip has also been stretched, twisted, or outright fabricated. In other words, it's not worth a second of your precious time. Don't be dragged into it, you're far too busy growing and changing and learning to be a better person. Leave the gossipers down in the gutters.

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